Monday, 29 February 2016

I'm back....again.

First chance since our return from The Amazon  for me to do a bit of fishing today, if only for about an hour and a half  up to sunset.
Called in on the Upper Witham at Long Bennington with my 10 foot Garbolino , my Shimano 1000 and fished chunks of stilton straight through with one swan shot to a size 6.
One or two nibbles and one pull but no contact.
Tried for some scenic photo's but the camera batteries were flat despite fully charging this afternoon. 
Birds of the evening, three little Grebe.Photo by Nigel Pye

I may well be having some longer sessions before season end

Gotta new motor

Well, not quite, it's just being unloaded off the big boat at Grimsby docks.
We decided that the old girl FX51 Octavia 1.9tdi is now getting very scruffy and at 180000 miles on the clock a wallet emptier waiting to happen.. 
So we are awaiting delivery of FX16 2litre tdi any day now.Octavia Hatch SE Finance Offer
Here's hoping she lives upto the standard and longevity of FX51.

First major test drive up to Plockton over Easter.Plockton_inn

Monty Dalrymple

Have you gone and given up blogging ol'son, can't read your stuff anymore ?