Sunday, 23 October 2011



Well, after returning home a week last Friday, I get a call from Mum to tell me that she was having trouble getting about, her arthritic left leg was "collapsing"!
Having just returned from a lunchtime pint or two in the White Hart, I didn't fancy the 3 hour journey down so said we'll be down tomorrow.
That was last Saturday, we arrived to find her unable or unwilling, to get out of her armchair to get herself a cup of tea so spent the weekend looking after her hand and foot,so to speak.
Come Monday we decided to get out of the house,primarily to top up the larder,but to have a look for a knee support bandage.Her community nurse being due any minute and effectively making her move from the chair
So we got one, like the rugby players seem to wear,the idea to give her confidence.
Anyway on arrival home we were greeted with an ambulance and the nurse, "your Mum has broken her arm"!!!
Apparently as the nurse was changing her bandage, Mum dropped her arm and it bashed the edge of the table and broke.Simple as that!
So we're still here, she's in Whipps Cross hospital  because Queens A&EU was closed for emergencies.
We must now await a relocation to a Rehabilitation Unit, in Hornchurch, so that they can assess her for future care. Possibly, but more likely probably not at home.

Typing this out on my  newly acquired Dell laptop and a wireless "dongle". Much needed as I'm in the middle of editing articles for Barbel Fisher.


Likely to be fishing an estate lake this week with my youngest brother, visiting time permitting etc!
So, c**p and b***m on the horizon although I'm told there are some nice perch in the lake.


Just managed to see the last 32 minutes of the match, if all that went before was as good, it was a terrific spectacle,well done to France for turning up and making a game of it.

Fishing Magic

My latest piece on the Barbel Society Research & Conservation day I had with  with Steve Pope

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Winter drawers on!


Sun just starting to show, and I've woken to the first frost of the autumn this morning.

Skoda 1.9tdi

Just flew through it's MOT . At 130,000 miles it looks like this motor has a year before the need to spend money.
Cam belt replacement will be due at the mileage rate I doing, 18,000 this year, brakes are on their  final adjustment, and the offside front suspension arm rubber bush is deteriorating....apparently!

Share buying

For the first time I've actively sought out and bought shares, through my bank, of a company I have been following for some time.I've had the give away's that the building Society's did when they became loss making banks and didn't keep them long.
 1000 shares in an AiM quoted company based in Manchester dealing with Construction & Materials.
This should be fun to watch and who knows may lead to another "hobby", not for dabbling with though, more long term pension investment, I think.


On hold for the time being !!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Busy Week

Not a lot to report

We went down to Mum's Saturday, to be close by following the sudden death of her sister on Friday.
So matter of fact, almost as if death is acceptable when you get old! I suppose it is ,but not to me ....yet!
She's now suffering the symptoms of a new pain killer drug Tramadol, this one makes her heave, better than "lost control of legs" or "coloured barbed wire moving across the floor, I suppose"!!
At least they are dealing with the pain, the other drugs weren't.
Stayed with her until Wednesday,as we had to get back for our 38th wedding anniversary night out and Pauline's 60th birthday on the 6th.
On arrival home a telephone message to say the funeral was on Friday.
Already !!
We had the Thursday night at the Forest Pines Hotel, near Brigg and just off the M180 and dinner in their 1857 restaurant
.We were very well looked after and an excellent meal. Highly recommended, but not for tight Yorkies or Yellow Bellies!
Up early next morning for the trip down to Hendon Crematorium close to the North Circular, for an 11:30 funeral.
Mum wasn't fit enough, but her elder sister Maggie, her with the broken leg, was determined to go.
So she spent the ceremony and the tea and sandwiches after, supported on both sides by two strapping lads!
Met up with some of the family, all of whom are getting old, we like most families only now seem to meet at weddings and funerals, so ageing  is noticeable!

Anyway back to Mum's via the chippy to take home skate and chips.
Up early to watch rugby, great game with the Irish & Welsh, the early morning spoilt only by watching the next performance by the English!!
Off home again straight after the match, Mum seems Ok.........for the moment.