Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Home from home

Look what I've found

If you're ever in Cyprus,and had enough of the Keo l***r this is the Bar T'at part of a new(ish) brewery run by a lass from Bradford.

4km out of Pathos heading north.

Aphrodites Rock Brewery


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is it that long?


Sorry to my regular reader that I haven't blogged for a while.

I did go fishing a bit, but didn't get down to the rivers for the chub, but i spent a few afternoons before dark down in the valley after perch.
I caught a few but not up to the 3 lb fish in late February last year.

Other than that we've been out in Cyprus since March 1st and will be on our way back shortly.
This is all part of our future planning, because we are going to move from the Lincolnshire Wolds soon, and a month here is part of that plan to see if we like the idea of winter breaks away with a base in the UK.
Temperatures of 20-22c and bright blue skies  ain't a bad way to spend  a damp cold March though, even though the place is "closed"
Keo l***r

We found a real ale brewery, the only one on the island.
We are both Anglophiles, so moving out of the country is not forming any part of our plan.
So, do we move to a town with a direct London rail link, Newark being the nearest ?
Or,do we go for a static "caravan"?
I like the idea of getting back to Milton Keynes, the Cosgrove site on the banks of the Tove and the Upper Ouse, their own lakes and the Grand union close by, look an option?
Having said that, Hampshire/ Dorset is a favourite location of ours, and maybe even Herefordshire/Worcester. Choice ..choices!
Although I've sort of gone cold on my fishing for the moment, all locations will be looked at to give me far easier access than where we are now, and I do want that to be part of our plan..

So apologies once again,when we get back I'll see how the mood takes me and get out on some of the still waters around home, and maybe do a write up about it.